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1 stork OR moon OR boat for a week (7 days) $109.00
2 storks for a week (7 days) $150.00 (twins)
1 Day Delivery for Baby Shower $59
Sibling Stars w/ 2 names (good for older kids) $30 each
Bone Signs available for your beloved pet “Buster Fetched a Baby Brother” or “Buster is Dog Gone Proud” $30 each
Additional Personalized Bundle Keepsakes $30 each

Delivery Charges

$30 for all Broward County, Northern Dade County and Southern Palm Beach Counties.  For all other location delivery charge to be determine based on distance.

“We are often able to accommodate rentals that are greater distance than these areas. Please contact us for more information.”
All Prices Include Taxes
All prices are subject to change without notice.