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A stork lawn sign to welcome a new baby is a great gift from family, friends or coworkers! Help your family members or friends welcome a new arrival by renting one of our beautiful 6 foot stork signs for their front lawn. Your stork sign rental will include a personalized keepsake the parents will always treasure.

Where do you deliver?
We serve all of Broward County, Northern Dade and Southern Palm Beach counties. If you don’t see your town or city please contact us for more info.

Is there a delivery charge?
Yes, $30 for Broward County, Northern Dade and Southern Palm Beach counties. We are often able to accomodate outside of this area for an additional delivery charge. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer sibling signs?
Yes, we offer sibling signs to match each baby sign. The proud big brother(s) and sister(s) enjoy being included in all of the excitement. They really enjoy seeing their name in the yard too. The following options are available for the sibling signs:
(Name) is the Proud BIG brother (sister)!
(Name) is promoted to BIG brother (sister)!
(Name) welcomes home Baby (Name)!

What service do you offer for the happy grandparents?
If a grandparents’ sign is ordered at the same time as the sign for the new parents the rental price is at a 25% discount. Delivery charges (see above) will apply for the grandparents’ address. The grandparents’ bundle will state “It’s A Grandson!” or “It’s A Granddaughter!” or if the grandparents would prefer a personalized bundle which includes the baby’s name and/or birth statistics there is no additional charge. They keep it at the end of the rental period.

How far in advance should I order the announcement?
It’s not necessary to pre-order unless you’d just like to. Babies seldom arrive on their due date. For that reason we don’t require advance notice. We deliver within 24 hours of your call, although we strive to arrive before mom and baby return home from the hospital.

How do I place my order? How do I pay for your service?
We take most orders by phone at (954) 520 1606. If you prefer you may contact us via email at We’re just like the florist. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express over the phone for payment of the rental. Orders must be prior to delivery.

Can I move the stork or mow around it? Can I add things to the sign?
PLEASE DO NOT MOVE OR REMOVE THE SIGN AS DAMAGE COULD OCCUR!! If you would like the sign removed please call us at (954) 520 1606 and we will make arrangements to get it moved as soon as possible.

PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN MOWING OR WEED EATING!! Damage will occur if any contact is made with the sign.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THE SIGN,INCLUDING BALLOONS!! When a balloon pops the sun bakes the latex into the sign causing permanent damage.

** The homeowner will be responsible for payment of any damage caused by moving the sign, mowers, weed eaters, balloons, etc. Thanks so much for your consideration and cooperation.